Vic Polyhexanide

Vic Polihexanida is a barrier and adherence gel, with colorless polyhexamethylene biguanide, of mechanical action and of exudate absorption for wounds, causing the product to adhere the wounds’ edges, hydrating the skin and assisting the healing process. It also benefits the debridement (removal of dead or particulate tissues or corps, and facilitates the lowering of microorganisms colonizing on the wound bed.

60 grames

100 grames

Product’s advantages:

  • Results after first usage;
  • Effective against a wide range of microorganisms;
  • Effective coverage of the wound;
  • Ethylhydroxyethylcellulose based product;
  • Low toxicity;
  • Keeps humidity in wet environments for 72 hours;


Vic Polihexanida supports the preventive treatment of wounds, exudatives, purulent or not, with or without infection, such as: varicose or pressure ulcer, erysipelas, lacerations, cuts, surgical wounds, preparing graft regions, open fractures, amongst others. It may be used to control chronic ulcer including stage IV pressure ulcer. It may also be used on first, second and third degree burns.


Satisfactory results for:

  • Effective against the following strains: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella choleraesuis;
  • Microorganisms counting and pathogens research;
  • Evaluation of cytotoxicity potential “in vitro”;
  • Study of compatibility level of HRIPT on humans;
  • Dermal sensitization;
  • Primary skin irritation/corrosion;
  • Primary ocular irritation/corrosion;
  • Definition of level of active principle;
  • Definition of pH (hydrogenionic potential).