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Topical Asepsis

Everything a hospital center needs to be highly effective in asepsis.

Skin Care

Allowing a direct contact with skin, developed to care for your health, with technology and the market’s excellence standards.

Hospital Disinfection

High quality products for hospitals that seek the strictest hygiene and cleansing standards.

Personal Hygiene

Products that were designed to deliver the greatest performance in personal hygiene.

About Us

Vic Pharma by Schülke

In 2017 Vic Pharma became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German group Schülke & Mayr
which operates worldwide in the hospital hygiene segment. Now that we are a multinational
we are known in the market as Vic Pharma by Schülke.
Schülke operates in more than 80 countries and now it is
providing German technology and the support of more than 60 researchers from all
round the world to Brazil, with the aim of expanding its business in Latin America.
Since the takeover, and with every assistance from its parent company, Vic Pharma by Schülke
has been investing heavily in research and development and is bringing to the domestic market
highly effective products with proven formulas to meet the needs and prospects of healthcare
professionals, as well as molecular innovations for the hospital market.
Our products are researched and tested in the laboratory, and our packaging meets all the legal
safety requirements.
Our highly qualified team of technicians operates in strategic areas of the country and provides
support for hospitals and hospital distributors.
Today Vic Pharma by Schülke is recognized in the market as a synonym of reliability, and in
June 2018 open our new industrial plant, meeting the highest standards required
by Brazilian law, in an area specially designed to manufacture drugs, sanitizing products, healthcare
products and cosmetics. This will enable us to deliver safely to the market products which will guarantee
their users health, wellbeing and a better quality of life.
With the trust of our clients and our innovative products, we shall soon be the LEADERS in the segment
of asepsis and hospital disinfection in Latin America.
Vic Pharma by Schülke, global technology, quality and knowhow within your grasp!


Our corporate philosophy has always been focused on Disinfection, Hygiene and
Conservation. The aim of our business is to protect people and materials against the risk
of infection and contamination, meeting the highest international standards. We create
innovative and sustainable solutions, and we think and act proactively to construct a
better future.

Quality and Responsibility


Good Manufacturing Practices

High quality standards with continuous improvement.



Precisely following environmental rules for a brighter future.


Constant technological enhancement and innovation.


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